We’ve been providing clients with products of extraordinary quality for more than 30 years. We know you want more than just plastic fabrication. You also want the peace of mind you get from knowing that the quality product we promise will be the quality product we deliver.

High-end, precision products require great attention to detail. Our start-to-finish quality process minimizes risks and helps insure we complete your project on time, within specifications, and within budget.

Our highly inclusive, collaborative, start-to-finish quality process allows us to minimize your risks and bring your project to commercialization on time, in spec and within budget.

Delivering quality for over 30 years. What you really want is the peace of mind and that you’ll actually achieve the quality you need.

Customer service and support

Our services include:

  • Concepting and prototyping
  • Design aesthetics
  • Testing for structural integrity
  • Quality control
  • Material acquisition