Here is a small sampling of some of our more specialized work. Of course we create and manufacture the more standard plastic and polycarbonate products also, either one-off, small runs, or delivered by the truckload.

Plastic Robotics – EZ Loader®

Working hand-in-hand with our customer, Bishamon®, the finger guard for the EZ Loader® evolved from a flat disk, to the vacuum-formed finger guard shown in the video.

It’s not every day that a customer wants a giant polycarbonate dome top custom built for his classic, 1963 Plymouth Fury. As it turns out, our customer Andy Wick is no ordinary guy.

Andy is a member of the Dead Man’s Curve car club of New Jersey, and his classic car builds are head-turning masterpieces.
Andy called us when faced with a convertible Plymouth Fury rebuild where the top was completely destroyed. For Andy, it was the perfect opportunity for a creative solution, which is why he called us. Andy supplied us with the outline of the finished part so we could shape the bubble tool and perimeter blowing-ring frame to the correct size. He also told us how tall the bubble needed to be so that he and his passengers would have ample head-room under the bubble.


We are often asked, “What do customers do with your spheres?” One interesting and elegant application is the use of spheres as fountains.

In our opinion, no one does this better than the artist, Allison Armour.
By combining clear acrylic spheres with water, stainless steel and light, Allison’s sculptures are inviting, elegant, beautiful and relaxing.

California Quality Plastics has been assisting Allison by providing some of the spheres and support structures required for both her standard Aqualens fountains and several giant sized fountains.

If you would like to know more about Allison’s sculptures, please visit her website at


Sales Person Shouts Out: “Hey, it must be Halloween again; they’re calling about Deadmau5 heads.”

Building a DeadMau5 head has become so popular, there are How To videos available on You Tube. And if you want to know where to get the domes and spheres for your perfect DeadMau5 head, you’ve already found it.

At ANYTHING PLASTIC, the holidays start with customer’s wanting DeadMau5 heads and end with the desire to hatch out of Giant Easter Eggs.

Other popular holiday sellers include oversized ornaments, and giant snow-globes.

Located just under the spinning platform, these 43” polyethylene safety covers serve the import purpose of keeping fingers out of harm’s way.

The customer was looking for an economic solution. Polyethylene was selected for its flexibility and low cost. After forming, parts are moved to the CNC machine for fast and accurate trimming. As the parts are bulky and easily damaged in transportation to the factory, custom shipping cradles were developed to keep the product safe during the short trip to the Bishamon factory (

We enjoy working with this local customer and look forward to a continued long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Custom Bubble Top:

Ordinarily, when we make a large bubble or dome, the flange is flat. This dome was more complicated, however, since the flange had to be contoured to the fit the slight undulation of the front and rear end of the car’s interior. This presented a unique challenge for our shop, but my talented guys came through and built a blowing –ring to accommodate the curvy condition. The end results were nothing short of eye-popping.

To see Andy’s spectacular bubble-top Plymouth Fury,
visit the May addition of Hot Rod Magazine or click on the Hotrod logo.

We always enjoy working with our customers to turn their dreams into realities.


The dive boat arrives at its destination and drifts slowly over a beautiful coral reef. What if you could jump off the side of a boat and into the water without getting wet?

Our customer, Harold Conyers was interested in providing just that experience for his customers. Harold asked us to make a 27” diameter x 48” high cylinder with a curved bottom. Using some creativity and verifying the design through engineering studies, Harold and ANYTHING PLASTIC brought the observation cylinder to life. In fact, the product is so unique; Harold has applied for a patent to protect his idea.

Because the project had a variety of unique engineering challenges, ANYTHING PLASTIC put the customer directly in touch with the design team at WFR Engineering. WFR worked up solid models of the product and ran the designs through finite element analysis (FEA) studies. This helped determine the appropriate material thickness required for the job.
It’s not uncommon for our customers to need assistance with the technical aspects of their jobs.

ANYTHING PLASTIC, CQP and WFR have collaborated on projects for over 15 years. WFR is very familiar with the materials and processes used in our shop. They are the perfect resource for our customers that require technical or design assistance. To keep cost under control, CQP turns the customers directly over to WFR for the design and engineering phases of the job.

The outcome of this project is a testament to teamwork and collaboration. We hope you will enjoy the photos and videos as much as we enjoyed working on the project with Harold and WFR.


These 36” and 60” diameter, conical-shaped, polycarbonate domes were made for the US Geological Survey’s California Water Science Center. The domes are sunk into rivers, ponds, and lakes, and used to protect sensitive, electronic equipment.

Because the domes were strictly for industrial use and optical clarity was not a concern, CQP was able to recommend and utilize inexpensive, short lead-time tooling. This helped the customer control cost and allowed us to get the job done quickly.

CQP’s sales and technical staff worked on the project for almost a year. Several prototypes and a small run of product was produced and tested in the field last year. After some minor modifications, the USGS came up with the final designs and sizes.

The 60” cone stretched the limits of our forming and equipment capabilities. After a bit of sweat and ingenuity, the CQP crew responded to the challenge and met the customer’s needs.

The team at USGS has been a pleasure to work with. We look forward to many more unique and challenging projects with this customer.